Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Locations in Rockwall, Texas

There are probably millions of questions running through your head when trying to plan your wedding. There are many moving parts, and that includes the rehearsal dinner. Some of the questions that might come up include: “When do you do the rehearsal?” “When is the dinner?” “Where are the dinner and the rehearsal at?” “What’s going on?” Hidden Creek is here to give you some clarification and help you choose a great location for your wedding rehearsal dinner in Rockwall, Texas. 

The Wedding Rehearsal

The rehearsal is usually done a day or two before the wedding. Hidden Creek will confirm the date and time at the final walk-through appointment, one month before the wedding. The reason that we wait until then is that we have people booking dates and times up until that point, so we want to make sure we give you the correct availability. 

The rehearsal lasts about one hour. You come with your family, your wedding party, the officiant, and anyone that is going to be active in the processional and at the ceremony. It’s okay if there are people that can’t make it. This rehearsal is for the people that can make it.

You will practice the ceremony a couple of times, so everyone knows where they are sitting, standing, and going, and all of those fun details. Then, to celebrate, you go out for dinner afterward. 

The Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Many people think the wedding rehearsal dinner takes place at the venue, but it doesn’t. If you are having your ceremony and reception at Hidden Creek, you want to save that dinner experience for the special day.

Location Recommendations

Instead, we have compiled a list of excellent locations for your wedding rehearsal dinner.

The Yacht Club

This location is only 5 minutes from Hidden Creek and is a stunning place. It is newly remodeled and overlooks the water.

The Rockwall Golf and Athletic Club

This is a country club that overlooks the gulf course and the lake.

Luigi’s Italian Cafe

If you are looking for something more casual, there is a Luigi’s in Rockwall that has a private dining room in the back.

TLC on the Lake

This restaurant has an outdoor patio that you can reserve that also overlooks the lake. There is also an indoor space to rent out too.


This Italian restaurant is delicious and is located on the harbor. There is a boardwalk and it’s perfect if you have guests that are staying at Hilton or the other hotels at the harbor.

The Oar House and Culpepper Steak Houses

These two restaurants are also located on the harbor and are high-end steak houses. So, if you and your party are meat lovers, these restaurants are a perfect choice.

DFW Harbor Lights Boat Ride

You can rent out this boat and it fits up to 90 people. It’s BYOB and it takes a sail in the water around sunset. It is also located at the harbor.

Your Beautiful Wedding at Hidden Creek 

Hopefully, some of these locations caught your eye, and if you need more recommendations, don’t hesitate to give Hidden Creek a call. We are glad you chose us as your wedding venue and we are here to help you plan out the most perfect celebrations.