Wedding Decor Tip– Linen Colors

When it comes to wedding decor, it’s often the smallest details that make the most significant impact, and the choice of linen for your wedding tables is a perfect example of this. Linen isn’t just about covering tables; it’s about setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration. The texture, color, and quality of your chosen linens can transform an ordinary table into a captivating centerpiece of your wedding design. Whether you opt for classic white for a timeless elegance, rich and vibrant hues for a burst of color, or delicate pastels for a romantic ambiance, your linen choice speaks volumes about your wedding’s style and theme. Here at Hidden Creek, we can take care of all of your linen needs, and we have a wide selection of linen colors to choose from!

Moreover, the tactile experience of linen adds a layer of luxury and comfort to your guests’ dining experience. The soft, natural feel of linen under their fingertips creates an inviting and pleasant atmosphere. Furthermore, well-coordinated linens can tie together your overall decor scheme, complementing floral arrangements, tableware, and other design elements. So, while linens may seem like a small detail, they play a pivotal role in elevating the visual appeal and comfort of your wedding, leaving a lasting impression on your guests and contributing to the overall ambiance of your special day.

Hidden Creek’s Linen Services

Some of you may have ivory linen included in your packages with us, but some of you may not. However, you can always ask us and we will add it to the package! 

We highly recommend letting us take care of all of your linen needs. That’s one less thing to worry about, and it’s usually a forgotten detail that makes a huge difference at your wedding. Let the experts take care of it! We will have the linen cleaned, ironed, and pressed, and we will decorate all of your tables for you. At the end of the night, we will be in charge of taking the linen off of your tables and sending it to get dry cleaned. 

Ivory Linen Is Very Popular

If you have linen included in your wedding package, it is going to be ivory. However, you can always upgrade to a different color! Ivory is a very popular option for weddings because of its neutral tone. This pairs well with any decorations you add to the tables, or if you are adding a pop of color in your floral.

If you will be renting out some of our centerpieces, they will also be ivory in color. Therefore, we recommend adding more color with some of our different linen color options. Hidden Creek also offers napkins in different colors that will make the ivory linen pop!

We Can Decorate Your Tables Differently

You don’t have to do the same linen colors for all of your tables. You can have your guests tables be one color, the cake table be another, and your guest book table have something else. The choice is yours and the colors are limitless. Take your event to the next level with a splash of color!

Dream Big at Hidden Creek

Let the experts at Hidden Creek take care of your linen needs! Our staff can decorate all of your tables, so you have one less thing to worry about. We have plenty of linen colors to choose from, and we can email you the list. Reach out to us if you have any questions, or if you want to add linen to your wedding package!