Wedding Day Babysitter

There is no one way of having a perfect wedding celebration. Some newlyweds want to keep the celebration sophisticated by having an adults only reception. Others want to allow kids at their wedding, but are a little worried about how that is going to look like or how to manage it appropriately. Hidden Creek has some great tips for planning that out, such as a wedding day babysitter, so you won’t need to exclude anyone from your celebration! 

Hire a Babysitting Company

Our highest recommendation is to hire a babysitting company for your wedding day. There are companies that are licensed and insured and go to weddings just to babysit your guests’ kids. One of our favorite companies is Black-Tie Babysitting. We have worked with them many times and they have won our trust. 

The company sets up before the ceremony and occupies one of the bridal rooms, usually the groom’s suite because it has a large T.V. and Netflix set up. All the guests’ have to do is drop off the kids in the groom’s suite right before the ceremony and they can easily check in on them throughout the reception. 

Having the kids only a few steps away will bring comfort to your guests. Not only that, but the kids will get to play with other kids while getting taken care of by the company.

Our Putt-Putt Area

Our venue has a putt-putt area outside where the older kids can hangout too. We also have cornhole boards, and you can always do a kids’ craft table. You can simply have coloring books or other activities for them to paint, and this will keep them entertained for a while.

There are so many options here in Hidden Creek for kids to hangout because we have so much space. Whether they are younger and want to watch T.V. with the babysitters, or are older and want to do some crafts, we have the resources to help you set that up.

No Babysitter– Speak with Guests About Expectations

If you decide to not hire a wedding day babysitter, we recommend speaking with your guests about any expectations. This might be a harder conversation to have, but at least the kids are welcome to join in on the celebration!

You don’t want to have kids running around on the dance floor during your first dance, so have one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen or even the DJ make an announcement about keeping the kids off of the floor during those important moments. 

You also have a damage deposit to take care of, so you don’t want kids to be running up and down the stairs and around the venue breaking things. So, make sure to talk to your guests about expectations, if you decide to not hire a wedding day babysitter.

Start Your Happily Ever After at Hidden Creek

No matter how you decide to plan your wedding day, Hidden Creek is here to help you make it magical. Whether you need vendor recommendations, or want to talk about the different options of setting up our venue, we are here to help. Give us a call or send us a message to set up an appointment to tour our venue. We can’t wait to help you start your happily ever after!