Transportation Ideas for Your 2021 Wedding

After your wedding, you’ll be eager to ride off into the sunset with your new spouse. The only thing more exciting than actually getting married is getting to spend the next week on your honeymoon with the love of your life. We’ve all seen the tear-jerking moment in Rom-Coms where the groom gathers up the bride’s train and helps her into their car. Then they drive away, waving goodbye to their guests with a “just married” sign tacked to the trunk, followed by rattling cans. This scene was more commonly a reality in the past. However, in modern times the happy couple has other options. 


Sports Car

A sports car can be a fun and flashy option. While this can be a more expensive option, this is your special day, and (hopefully) you’ll only do it once. If you or your spouse like fast cars, this option could be for you. Maybe you’ve always dreamt of getting behind the wheel of a Tesla. Your wedding gives you the perfect excuse to splurge!

Vintage Vehicle

There are a couple of routes you can take with this option. Perhaps you could get a classic antique car for your chic vintage wedding. Or you could choose a vintage truck adorned with flowers and garland for your beautiful rustic wedding. Old vehicles are a timeless option, and they can be gorgeous props in your wedding photos. Vintage vehicles are a fantastic way to keep your theme going through the whole event. 


Horse-drawn Carriage

This is the way to go if you want to live out your fairytale romance and feel like a princess on your wedding day. Many carriages are beautiful with intricate designs. A horse-drawn carriage is sure to make your day magical.


Two-Wheel Transportation

There are so many two-wheel options. This is great if you want to be alone with your partner. It’s also usually more of an affordable and low-key selection. You and your groom could zoom away on a Vespa or a motorcycle. Meanwhile, environmentally conscious couples may prefer a tandem bike.



Renting a limo is a classic selection. However, now you have the option of a traditional sleek stretch limo or an SUV limo. This is a fantastic option for newlyweds that want to take their wedding party with them when moving to a new location. 


This is a good option if you are having a small wedding and want to keep everyone close by. You can even hold your reception on the party bus or shuttle.


Golf Cart

If you hold your wedding at a golf course or country club chances are they’ll already have some golf carts. This is a fun way to get from place to place and would help you keep the theme uniform. 



You could use a boat as your main transportation. There are many options including rowboats, gondolas, sailboats, and yachts.

Hidden Creek

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