Tips for Save-the-Date and Wedding Invitations

Planning a wedding involves a lot of planning and preparation. When you get engaged, one of the first steps is to send save-the-date cards. These are different from wedding invitations. Some people try to save money by only trying to send one of these cards. However, you need to send both and Hidden Creek is here to explain why. 

What Is a Save-the-Date Card?

Save-the-date cards get sent to anyone that you plan on inviting to the wedding. This card tells people that you’re engaged and are getting married. It simply tells people the date of the wedding and to save it. These cards are very important for people that are coming from out of town. They will have to book hotels, book flights, and take time off of work. These are things that they are happy to do because they love you and want to share this experience with you, but it’s something they need to plan ahead for. They can get better rates and plan out their time off from work. 

Hidden Creek has some beautiful spots to take the save-the-date picture at our venue. This card will be something that your guests can put on their fridge to remind themselves of the upcoming event. We recommend that you send these cards within 6 to 8 months. This gives people enough time to plan. This card is the basic, general knowledge that your guests need to start planning.

Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are sent within 2 to 4 months before the wedding. These invitations are where you will have the RSVP section, where you tell guests how many seats are reserved for them, and where you have your wedding website listed. Hidden Creek recommends sending the invitation 3 months in advance. You don’t want to feel rushed. Catering needs to know your guest count a month before the wedding, and you will need about a month for people to send their RSVPs back. Additionally, you will probably have to make calls because some of your guests will forget to RSVP.

Wedding Website

Hidden Creek recommends that you make a wedding website. Your guests can RSVP online by simply pushing a button. This is an easier way to get a guest count, and your guests are most likely to respond to an online platform, than to mail back the RSVP form. Some wedding websites can enter in your guests’ address, so when you send thank you cards you can have all the information in one spot.

Be Specific 

When you send your invitations, you need to specify how many seats are reserved for each family. The more specific you are about who is invited, the better. If you just list the “Smith family,” that can include children, grand children, etc. To avoid confusion, specify who in the family is invited.

Make Your Dreams Come True with Hidden Creek 

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