Tips for Hiring Your Wedding Officiant

Every single wedding needs to have an officiant. The wedding is not going to happen if you don’t have one. Deciding who your officiant is going to be is a big deal. There are factors you need to discuss with your significant other before choosing one. Hidden Creek has listed a couple of tips to consider.


Speak with Your Significant Other

Talk to your partner about religion. Is it important that you have an officiant that matches that religion? If so, that determines the type of officiant that you need to book. If you are not religious or it’s not a big deal for you, then you can look at other realms of people.

Ask your significant other if they want a family member or a friend to do it. This is very special too, especially if religion isn’t super important to you and you aren’t trying to follow traditions. Hiring a family friend or family member is a great idea. Dads, aunts, cousins, best friends, whatever your heart desires is possible. All they have to do is get ordained. This is a simple process as well. They can do it online for a super cheap price. 

Choosing an Officiant You Have a Connection With

If you choose someone who is very special to you, even if it is a priest that knows the two of you, it makes the ceremony that much more memorable. It adds a personal touch to the experience. The officiant can share a special story about you and your fiancé or how you two met. This makes the experience more comforting too. It’s not just straight into prayer, straight into tradition or into marriage. It gives you and your partner a minute to ease into the ceremony and relax.

What Appearance Are You Expecting?

This is a touchy subject, but an important one to address. The appearance of the officiant is crucial for your wedding pictures and theme. This is the person that will be right behind you in all of the ceremony photos. Make sure you address the dress code and hire someone that fits what you want for the image of your wedding pictures. Each officiant has an image that they are planning to appear in, so communicate with them about what you expect them to wear. 

Choose a Prominent Voice

Make sure that your officiant has a good prominent voice too. Hidden Creek does have an outdoor sound system and microphone, but having someone with a prominent voice is going to make people pay attention and be involved in the ceremony. Their voices should command a lot of attention.

Additional Information

Check the date availability and ask for their pricing. You don’t need to hire one until 3 to 4 months before the ceremony, but make sure you don’t wait any longer than that.  A company will have a set price and a church will ask for a donation. An estimate for a donation is about $400 for an officiant. For a bonus tip, when the officiant says to “kiss the bride,” have the officiant step to the side so they aren’t in the picture. 

Hidden Creek

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