All You Need to Know About the Wedding Dress Code

Some people have been dreaming about their wedding since they were little kids. Their dreams are so vivid and detailed that they even know what they want their guests to wear. You need to let your guests know if you want them to dress for a glamorous ball, in long flowy dresses, or dress casually for a country-themed wedding. This information should be included in the invitation. It avoids any confusion and allows your vivid dreams to become reality. Your guests will be thankful too, for they won’t be left wondering what to wear or second-guessing their choices.

Different Types of Wedding Attire

Although formal/black-tie optional is the most common type of wedding dress code, there are dozens to choose from. Hidden Creek has explained some of the popular ones, to help you envision your wedding and your guests. The venue oftentimes sets the tone for the dress code, so keep that in mind when deciding the theme. 

Black Tie

This is one of the most formal types of wedding dress codes. Men wear tuxedos and bow ties. A black vest or cummerbund, and patent leather shoes are also recommended. Women wear gowns that are long and cover their ankles. They can also wear elegant pantsuits.

Formal/Black-Tie Optional

This is a little less formal than the first dress code. Men don’t need to wear tuxes; they can get away with a dark suit, a white shirt, and tie. Women wear elegant dresses, but they don’t need to wear dresses that go over their ankles. They can wear dresses that are just below their knees or nice pantsuits.


Semi-formal and cocktail dress codes are fairly similar, which is why we have grouped them together. During these wedding dress codes, women can wear dresses up to their knees. Men don’t need to wear a tie, but they still need to dress appropriately. This can include khakis, slacks, and a button-up shirt. The semi-formal dress code gives your guest the flexibility to dress comfortably, but not too casual.


A casual wedding dress code usually means that the wedding will be held outdoors or on the beach. This means your wedding will be much more laid-back, especially when it comes to what your guests wear. People will most likely be showing up in jeans if you put casual on your invitation. If you don’t want your guests showing up in jeans, then do not list it as casual. When it’s casual dress, ties aren’t required but they are still welcomed. Summer sundresses and wedges are appropriate for the ladies. 

Live Out Your Dream Wedding at Hidden Creek 

So now that you have a better idea of what the different dress codes are, you can help your guests decide what to wear. Make sure to include the wedding dress code on the invitation, to avoid any confusion. This way, you can have the wedding that you envision. If you are in the process of looking for the perfect venue, schedule a tour with Hidden Creek. Our elegant venue is tucked away within the woods, offering privacy and the ability to celebrate all night long.