The 5 Most Anticipated Wedding Trends of 2020

A new year has begun, and that means new opportunities to plan your dream wedding. While traditional ceremonies are always in style, there has been a push toward weddings that capture the unique personality of the couple. Do you prefer pops of color over black and white? How about charitable donations in lieu of wedding favors? Here at Hidden Creek in Dallas, we will coordinate and host the ceremony you’ve always dreamed of. If you’re getting married this year, here are some trends that are predicted to be a big deal in 2020.

Out: Purchasing Everything New; In: Upcycling

Forget going into debt to buy a new engagement ring. These days, it’s cool to reset the stones from a family heirloom ring into a unique creation all your own. The same goes for wedding dresses. Why spend thousands on a new one when you can buy secondhand and get it altered and embellished? This thrifty trend not only saves you money, it also promotes the sustainable philosophy of “reduce, reuse, recycle”.

Out: Over-the-Top Decorations; In: Statement Décor

In keeping with the money-saving trend, more couples are electing to have one elaborate focal piece of décor rather than springing for tons of decorations. This statement piece could be an elaborate floral arrangement festooned with lights, a gorgeous chandelier, a balloon arch in your chosen colors, or anything else you desire.

Out: Tiaras; In: Combs, Barrettes, and Clips

The princess vibe is taking a backseat to vintage glamour this year. Since we’ve just entered the “roaring 20’s”, many brides are incorporating elements of 1920’s glamour into their wedding day look. This includes jeweled combs, barrettes, and elegant silver clips to keep their hair in place. Veils are still a popular tradition, but look for shorter veils and cap veils to make a comeback.

Out: Jewel Tones; In: Pastels

Jewel tones have always been a popular choice for bridesmaids’ dresses; think sapphire blues, ruby reds, and amethyst purples. In 2020, the trend is lighter and more playful. Mint green has taken the place of its emerald counterpart. Violet has made way for periwinkle and faded denim has replaced navy brighter blues. Instead of Barbie pink, look for interesting shades of cassis and coral. Of course, nothing compliments a pastel palette like tuxes in shades of gray or blue.

Out: Wedding Favors; In: Donations to Charity

Wedding favors were getting pretty elaborate in 2019, which is understandable; you want your guests to go home with a nice memento of your special day. But more couples are choosing to donate the money they would have spent on wedding favors. If you go this route, make it more personal with cards that explain why the charity is so close to your heart or how it has made an impact in your life.

Hidden Creek Events: DFW’s Most Popular Wedding Destination

With our acres of wooded land, gorgeous scenery, and elegant reception area, it’s no wonder so many couples choose to have their weddings at Hidden Creek. We welcome all wedding styles, from traditional to ultra-modern, and you can enlist our help for everything from finding the right DJ or florist to making sure your wedding day goes off without a hitch. Book your visit today before our 2020 dates fill.