Should You Do Wedding Favors?

One of the main questions many people struggle with during the wedding planning process is whether wedding favors are needed and/or what should you get. Hidden Creek will answer these questions and help you understand what role wedding favors play in your planning.

On a Budget

If you are on a budget, wedding favors are the first thing we recommed cutting out. Brett Welch, our event manager, relates that for her wedding she had mason jars with her guests’ names written on them. Most of the mason jars were left at the venue. Many people forget to take their wedding favors home, and by the time they remember, it’s too late. Wedding favors are a nice gesture, but they are definitely not necessary. If you have the extra money and are set about doing wedding favors, Hidden Creek has some great ideas.

Wedding Favor Ideas

We want to relate some wedding favor ideas that will actually be useful for your guests and not be forgotten at the venue. 

Customized Cups

Customized beer Koozies are a popular choice. You can write your and your partner’s name on it and the wedding date. However, these Koozies usually get left behind at the venue. They are used during the event, but then left there. On the other hand, we’ve noticed that customized cup are taken home a lot more often. Your guests can take some water or refresher to drink on the way home or back to the hotel.

Wedding Favors That Reflect How the Couple Met

Another cute idea we’ve seen couples do is having wedding favors that relate to how they actually met. A lot of people now are meeting each other online, on sites like In the past, we have had couples write their names and wedding date on a box of matches that guests use to light their sparklers for the exit. It’s a cute, funny pun, that your guests may cherish more since it relates to you and your partner.

Customized Coasters

Another popular wedding favor is customized coasters with either your guests’ names or your and your partner’s names. If the coasters are glass or acrylic, your guests are more likely to take them home.

Make It Personal

Our number one advise when it comes to wedding favors is to make them personal. Either to how you and your partner met, or something that will remind your guests of you. We had a couple where the bride grew up on a honey farm. Their wedding favors were small bottles of honey. Everyone loved that. This was very personable and special for the guests. It was a unique way to remember the newly weds.

Start Your Happily Ever After at Hidden Creek

Wedding favors are a long time tradition of giving your guests something to remember your day by. Hopefully, our advice has given you some insight and if you need more ideas, we are full of them and happy to share! Just give us a call or send us a message, and make sure to check out our other videos for more wedding planning advice!