Rehearsal and Ceremony Tips

Now that your wedding day is almost creeping up, Hidden Creek has thought of all the details and is ready to share some rehearsal and ceremony tips to ensure everything goes nice and smoothly. These tips are mostly for your officiant, wedding party, and guests. Our goal is to help you not only have the best wedding experience but to help you have the best photographs and videos to look back on too. And if you haven’t scheduled your wedding rehearsal yet, make sure you do that soon!

Remind Officiant to Say “All Rise”

It is important to give your officiant some reminders at the rehearsal dinner. One of those is to let them know to say “all rise” or “everyone rise” when the ceremony is about to begin. A lot of times, guests are looking around, or on their phones, and they know they are supposed to stand up when you walk down the aisle, but they just don’t know when. Those simple words will help make the ceremony go smoothly by orienting your guests.

Instruct Officiant to Move Out of First Kiss Picture

During the ceremony, the officiant is right behind the bride and groom–about 3 to 4 inches to be exact. However, you don’t want the officiant to be in your first kiss picture. Therefore, make sure your officiant knows to move out of the way once he initiates the first kiss.

Make an Announcement About Phones

The first thing the officiant should due before the ceremony begins is to tell all of your guests to put their phones away. A professional photographer is hired to take amazing pictures, and an iPhone picture is not going to do them justice. Additionally, you don’t want people leaning into the aisles with their phones or iPads. You don’t want these guests messing up the group pictures that your photographer will take from the back.

Keep Bouquets Nice and Low

Make sure your bridesmaids know where to hold the bouquets during the ceremony, for slick and coordinated photographs. The best place to hold them is nice and low around the belly button and angled out a little bit.

Instruct Groomsmen on Hand Positioning

We recommend telling your groomsmen to put their left hand on their right wrist. That way, everything looks uniform and your pictures and videos come out perfectly. 

Hire a Coordinator

One of our best rehearsal and ceremony tips is to hire a coordinator. They are in charge of lining up your entire wedding party, telling them where to stand, and is in charge of reminding them of all of these little details. A wedding coordinator will help make your day go extra smoothly. We also recommend hiring an event planner to help you plan everything out. Check out Hidden Creek’s list of approved vendors.

Start Your Beautiful Journey at Hidden Creek 

We hope these rehearsal and ceremony tips were helpful, and we are only a call away if you have any questions about your wedding day. Make sure to schedule your wedding rehearsal if you haven’t yet, and we look forward to seeing you soon!