Planning Your Guest List: Should You Invite Your Co-Workers?

Making a guest list sounds like it should be the easiest part of your wedding planning experience. What could be hard about listing your favorite people in the world and comparing notes with your partner? Unfortunately, guest lists are often one of the greatest sources of pre-marital stress. Between disagreements about who to invite, venue capacity, and deciding who should be able to attend, the guest list can be an overwhelming hassle that sucks the fun out of planning your special day. When making your list, you might be conflicted about inviting co-workers to your wedding. Here’s some advice on choosing whether or not to invite the people you work with.

Guest List Considerations

When choosing co-workers to invite, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions about these people. How well do you get along? Are you friends with this person outside of work? Can they stay quiet to other co-workers who weren’t invited? Would they enhance your wedding experience in a meaningful way? If the answer is yes, add them to the list. If not, it might be best to keep your friendship limited to the workplace.

Cutting Down Your Guest List

Okay, you’ve chosen the lucky group of co-workers who get to see this important step in your life. How do you break the news to those who didn’t make the cut? You don’t need to make a formal announcement and explain your decision to everyone in the office. Some polite, flowery language should get the message across without hurting anyone’s feelings. Just explain that you decided to keep it small and intimate, and that you would have loved to invite them if you had the space. This should help them understand your decision without feeling left out. If they get upset and insist they should have been invited, this only further proves that they wouldn’t have made the best guest. 

Guest List Etiquette

Once you’ve invited your co-workers, you should make an effort to be polite around the people you didn’t include. Don’t make your wedding the only topic of conversation to those who didn’t receive an invitation, or else you might find yourself in an awkward situation. Keep your wedding talk to a minimum around co-workers who didn’t make the cut, and try to bring pictures and stories back to the office so everyone can feel included. You can gush about cake tasting and dress fitting outside the office with your guests, but save your other co-workers the hurt feelings by keeping the topic separate from the workplace.

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