Our New Putting Green Lights!

Remember the exciting new update about our new putting green at Hidden Creek? Now, we’ve made it even better! With the addition of some beautiful string lights, the area looks even more magical and fun. Whether you’re using it for entertainment or just as another area to host guests during your reception, our putting green will be a perfect addition to your big day. So, what can you expect to do with our putting green?

Morning Entertainment For The Guys

For the bride and her bridesmaids, the morning of the wedding day is usually pretty busy. The hours leading up to the wedding tend to be cram-packed with hair and makeup appointments, assembling accessories, and other details that need to be perfected before the ceremony. Since the groomsmen tend to require less time to get dolled up, many brides and grooms look for an activity to keep them entertained before the wedding prep starts. 

Our putting green gives the guys a perfect activity to choose. Putt-putt requires a low enough energy commitment that the guys could even potentially play around on the green right up until the guests arrive! It’s the perfect activity to keep your ring bearers and flower girls occupied as well.

Cocktail hour

We know not everyone wants to have a golfing option at their wedding reception. However, we do know that many people love extra space for a cocktail hour! We have caps that can be popped right on the openings of each of the holes on the course, creating a flat surface. This crates the perfect space to spread your cocktail hour, especially with the beautiful new lights! If you have a large guest list, it’s always good to know you’ve got outdoor space to spread out that cocktail hour. Your guests will be able to mingle while having the space to enjoy the outdoors- and their drink!

Enjoy The Lights All Night- And All Year

The lights stay on all year long, which is great news for brides who are planning weddings in the wintertime. Though it doesn’t always get super cold in the winter in Texas, there’s nothing the climate can do about the sunset time. The lights outdoors give a little extra luminance to your party, allowing your reception to spill out onto the putting green even after the sun has started to go down. More than that, the lights in the night sky look beautiful! Our new lights will allow you to enjoy the area late into the night, as well as create a great ambiance for pictures.

Send The Kids Out To Play

Kids are hard to figure out when it comes to a wedding reception. Can they stay entertained on their own? Will they get restless at the table? Should you be worried about tripping over a little one on the dance floor? Our putting green gives you the perfect option for them! The lights outside make the putting green look magical and alluring, and the kids will still feel like part of the party. Whether you designate it as a “kids area” and send them all out at once, or let them trickle out with some golf-inclined guests, the putting green is bound to keep them entertained for a while!

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