Most Common Forgotten Wedding Day Items

It’s the day of your wedding and you are getting your hair and makeup done when you realize that you forgot something. There’s enough emotions going through your head, the last thing you need is to freak out about something that you forgot to organize or do. Hidden Creek is here to help prevent this scenario from happening in the first place. We are here to tell you about the most common forgotten wedding day items to ensure that you have accounted for these and are set for your big day.

Your Vows

Something most people forget to do is to print out their wedding vows or write them down. If you are staying at an Airbnb or hotel, make note to print them there or print the vows a couple of nights before the wedding. You may have all the words you want to say inside your head, but when you are standing up there at the altar, you might get nervous and you don’t want to rely on just memory.

Pens or Markers for Guest Book

Guest books are a wonderful touch to a wedding. They are a way to remember who all was there to celebrate with you. People always bring the guest book but forget to bring pens or markers to sign it. We also recommend bringing extra pens and markers because people tend to walk away with them or stick them in their pocket and then they get lost. 

Cups for the Bar

There are different kinds of bar packages. Some of them will supply the cups, napkins, straws, limes, mixers, and everything else that is needed. However, packages that cost less, might not supply this stuff. But make sure that you are supplying it, and most importantly the cups. 

Vendors in Meal Count

Other common forgotten wedding day items is to include your vendors in the account for the meals so there is enough to eat. Your vendors have been at your wedding as long as you, if not longer. You want to make sure that your vendors are taken care of, and that nobody is hungry or light-headed or passing out. 

Emergency Kit and Touch-Up Kit

Accidents happen all the time and you want to be prepared to handle them appropriately. Have an emergency kit on standby. You can also include bobby pins, feminine products, tylenol, and these sorts of stuff in the emergency kit as well, or in a little basket in the bathrooms. And for the brides, a touch-up kit is a must! You will be walking around all day, hugging guests, and taking pictures, and you might get a little sweaty. 

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

Sometimes people forget about the basket that the flower girl carries the petals in. Make sure that you either have the basket or that the child’s parents have that taken care of. As for the ring bearer, make sure you have the box that they will carry the rings in. If he or she is under 12 years old, we recommend giving the actual rings to the Best Man, and only having the ring bearer carry the box.

Start Your Beautiful Journey at Hidden Creek 

Keep looking on Google and Pinterest for a variety of lists to ensure that you are not forgetting anything. Hidden Creek is here for you. We want to help make your wedding day a success and to help it go as smoothly as possible. We hope the blog and video have shed some light on the most common forgotten wedding day items, and that you have ensured you don’t forget them yourself!

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