Modern Spins on the Bridal Bouquet Toss

It’s your wedding, and everything about it can be customized to suit your tastes, including traditions like the bouquet toss. Originally a good luck tradition from England, the bouquet toss was a way for the bride to distract guests and make her quick getaway before they tore at her dress or veil. (It was considered good luck for guests to touch the bride, and they sometimes clamored for mementos.) The bride threw her bouquet at them instead and made her exit with her clothing still intact.

At Hidden Creek Events in Dallas, our job is to give you an unforgettable wedding experience tailored to you and your betrothed. From first-rate wedding planning to a beautifully scenic backdrop for your photos and videos, we give you everything you need to make your big day truly special. If you’re not crazy about the idea of tossing your bouquet, here are some modern alternatives that are growing in popularity.

Single Ladies’ Dance-Off

Who will win possession of the bouquet and the luck it signifies? Settle this question the way they settled all disagreements in the 1980’s – with a dance-off! Have the bride and groom serve as judges to see which single lady has the best moves on the dance floor. Or have your DJ hype the crowd and declare the woman with the loudest applause to be victorious. Once the winner is named, she can claim the bouquet as her prize!

Use a Breakaway Bouquet

Instead of sacrificing your bridal bouquet, try having a breakaway bouquet made specially for your single guests and bridesmaids. Breakaway arrangements can break into many small bouquets or they can explode into a shower of flowers and petals that everyone can grab. This way, you get to keep and preserve your own bouquet, and your guests can all get their hands on some good luck.

Honor Lasting Love

Who says the single guests should get all the luck? Consider changing things up by calling for a couples’ dance in lieu of a bouquet toss. As the song proceeds, newer couples will be asked to take their seats, leaving the couples who have been married the longest on the dance floor. When only one couple remains, present them with the bouquet to honor the length of their committed partnership. There’s a good chance you could be presenting your bouquet to your grandparents or great-grandparents.

Congratulate New Love

It’s your wedding day, but there are still other couples who are just falling in love or planning to formalize and celebrate their connection by getting married soon. It would be a touching and meaningful gesture to present them with your bouquet as a symbol of your wishes for their happy future together. Pair this with a toast to honor the newly engaged couple, and they will undoubtedly feel loved and accepted.

Spread Seeds of Joy

A greener alternative is to create small gift bags for your guests that contain seeds they can plant and nurture on their own. Then they’ll remember your wedding day every time they look at the beautiful blossoming flowers. Pick seeds that represent something special to you and your partner. Perhaps you have a favorite plant, herb, or succulent that you’d like to share with your guests? Bonus points if you include a note explaining why this plant is so meaningful to you.

Hidden Creek Events: Modern or Traditional, Our Weddings Shine!

The most important thing you can do on your wedding day is make sure the ceremony and reception represent who you are as a couple. Don’t follow a tradition “just because”. Do what brings you joy, and your guests will join right in! Call Hidden Creek Events to start planning your 2020 Dallas wedding now.