How to Throw the Perfect Winter Holiday Wedding

Do you dream of a white Christmas and a white wedding dress to match? The holidays are already a time for coming together to enjoy time with our loved ones, so it’s natural to want to hold your wedding ceremony when everyone’s in town and feeling the love. At Hidden Creek Events in Dallas, we absolutely adore weddings and the winter holidays, so here is some of our best advice (and one very important tip) for making your winter wedding a day to remember!

Engage the Senses

If you want a truly memorable winter wedding, you need to engage all five of the senses. Give your guests beautiful holiday scenery to enjoy, scents and flavors of the season, and music and textures that wrap the event up into one gorgeous holiday package they – and you – will cherish long after the turn of the seasons.

Enchanting Visuals

Nothing says Christmas like twinkle lights, and we have plenty of those adorning the trees around our beautiful wedding ceremony spot. Feel free to bring your own LED lights to add to the background, table toppers, or even your cake and bouquet! And speaking of the bouquet, why not go festive with some poinsettias in lieu of red roses? Add some snowy pine cones and some gold or silver ribbon and you’ll have a seasonal arrangement for guests to feast their eyes on.

Scents of the Holidays

Did you know scents trigger memories more powerfully than most of our other senses? There are plenty of wintery fragrances to choose from, and many ways to incorporate them into your wedding décor. You could sprinkle potpourri down your table runners, put fragrant sachets in your bouquet and those of your bridesmaids, or even spritz your dress with something that smells delightfully like Christmas. Some of the most popular holiday fragrances are sugar cookies and cinnamon spice; evergreen mixed with berries; and the spiced wine medley of orange, cinnamon, cranberry, and clove.

Holiday Music

Who says you need to stick to tradition when it comes to your aisle music or even your reception dance mix? There are so many different covers and arrangements of classic holiday songs that you’re sure to find something that suits your tastes. From classical string quartets to rocking heavy metal, find your favorite versions of the classics on iTunes or Spotify and put them on your winter wedding playlist.

Luxurious Textures

The holidays are a time for all things shimmery and sumptuous. Think deep red and green velvets, satiny golds and silvers with a hint of shimmer, crisp snowy whites and warm LED lights. A pop of velvet on the groom’s bowtie and cummerbund would look gorgeous with a matching ribbon for your bouquet. Or you could go soft and rustic with plaid flannel table runners and slipcovers in red and greens. If you’re the glamorous type, wear satin gloves to feel even more luxurious as you walk down the aisle. A satin lining and faux fur trim could add extra holiday flair to your warm wedding cloak. With the right accessories, you’ll be fashionably prepared for whatever the weather holds on your big day.

Festive Flavors

Do you want to serve holiday classics at your reception? Stuffed hens and plenty of potatoes and root veggies could make it feel like one big holiday dinner. Don’t forget dessert! How about a spice cake for the bride or groom with a rich, caramel filling? Playful couples could set up a winter candy buffet for their guests to nibble on. Some warm, spiced cider or wine would round out the menu well, along with  some celebratory holiday cocktails.

One Important Caveat

When you’re scheduling a winter holiday wedding, remember that your wedding likely isn’t the only commitment your guests will have. They might be traveling to multiple locations to visit with their families. Definitely invite all your friends and loved ones, but don’t be insulted if they aren’t able to attend. Holiday travel is notoriously challenging, and they might have a limited amount of time off from work. You should expect some vacancies on your guest list.

Hidden Creek: Your Premier Winter Wedding Venue Near Dallas

Hidden Creek hosts unforgettable weddings all throughout the year, but dates fill up fast! If you’re planning a 2020 winter wedding, come schedule a tour of our venue and meet our wedding coordinator and other friendly staff. We’ll show you our beautiful wooded setting, elegant reception space, bride and groom suites, and much more. Call soon to start planning your happily ever after!