How to Stop Technology From Ruining Your Wedding Ceremony

Technology has come a long way in recent years, and most people find themselves constantly attached to their smartphones. This can cause trouble on your big day from phones ringing to rogue guests playing paparazzi and blocking your photographer. Phones can quickly become a headache for brides-to-be. Here are some ways technology can get in the way of a perfect wedding and how to stop it. 


Common Ways Technology Can Ruin Your Wedding


Phones ringing during the ceremony

This is an embarrassing occurrence for the guest and an irritating distraction for you. The last thing you want to hear during your nuptials is a grating ringtone drowning out the officiant while your guest scrambles to turn it off.


Guests playing paparazzi

You spent a lot of time finding the perfect photographer and you’re excited to see the beautiful photos and reminisce about your special day. This is a day you can’t get back and photographers can be costly. So it can feel soul-crushing when you get your photos back and see a guest leaning into the aisle to take a low-quality photo and blocking the professional. It can also be disorienting when guests take pictures with the flash on.


Posting photos without permission

You may be a private person or just want to be the first to share photos. It can be annoying to log in to your social media accounts just to find unflattering photos or realize that your guests were posting updates during the event and not paying attention.


Checking notifications

People often think they are discreet and no one will notice if they answer a text message or check their push notifications. However, it can leave you feeling offended that they’re seemingly uninterested in what’s going on. It’s hard not to take notice when things like this happen.

How to Prevent Technology From Stealing Your Thunder

Consider having an “Unplugged Wedding”! Ask your guests to keep their devices off and out of sight during the ceremony or reception. You want to see your guests, not phones being held in front of their faces. You already hired a professional to capture this special occasion so you don’t need any help from Auntie Lucille and her iPad.

5 Ways to Announce an Unplugged Wedding


  1. Tell guests that there will be a photographer and let them know that you want them to just sit back and enjoy themselves. 
  2. Ask guests to put away their devices because you want them to be fully present with you in the moment. 
  3. Tell guests that weddings can be stressful and it would be reassuring to see their smiles, rather than a sea of phones.
  4. Consider setting a time before the wedding or during the reception when people can get photos with you. 
  5. Communicate your expectations on a sign at the venue or on the wedding invitations. You may also want to make an announcement before the ceremony commences to remind your guests. 


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