How to Plan a COVID-safe Wedding Menu

Experts say that there’s little evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted through food. Food safety has been a hot topic ever since COVID hit. This has been especially true as it relates to weddings and events. If you’re planning a wedding during this time of chaos and COVID, you’re most likely concerned about your guests’ safety. Wedding caterers are concerned as well. However, there are precautions you can take to keep everyone healthy. Caterers have made a lot of adjustments and know how to make a delicious low-risk meal for your guests.

More safety measures 

Make sure your caterer is taking safety measures at their facilities and on-site. The addition of face masks and gloves are the most obvious change. However, there are many other precautions that should be happening behind the scenes.

Outdoor seating, if possible

The best place to hold your reception is outside. Set up some tables on the lawn and plan for your guest to sit with others from their household. Doing this will help minimize the risk of spreading germs during dinner.

Plated meals 

Many couples and caterers are choosing plated dinners. This helps with social distancing. A family-style meal is still an option, but pre-plated food is safer. Plated food is safer because the food is served directly to each guest from the kitchen. However, family style be more comfortable guests sitting together, especially if they’re a group of family or friends who quarantine together. They will share serving utensils, but it will be a contained group. Buffets are still doable but take more time and planning. The serving staff would be serving at the buffet and not having guests touch or handle the utensils until the end of the food table when their plate is handed to them.

Beverage Bars

You can offer a couple of different areas to get beverages or drinks instead of all in one location. This does require more space, but helps with social distancing. You should also look into using disposable cups and plates for service. If you really have your heart set on glassware, just have enough for single-use.

Pre-plated desserts

Like a cocktail hour, the wedding cake and other desserts can be served on disposable plates and served directly to guests. Instead of large dessert buffets, each guest can receive their own plate of assorted treats. Wedding cakes aren’t going anywhere, but treats such as cupcakes and cake pops ( or even fun jarred desserts!) are rising in popularity. These are good options because they can be served to each guest individually.

Guest safety

Place hand sanitizer around at tables and bars. This will encourage guests to keep their hands clean. You can also have masks at doorways or entries to buildings to make sure everyone has access to one.

Hidden Creek amid COVID-19

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