How to Keep Your Guests Cool During a Hot Texas Summer Wedding

Unfortunately, you can’t control the weather, so you might need a few tricks to keep your guests cool during a hot Texas summer wedding. Try these tactics to help your wedding guests beat the heat and ensure everyone has a wonderful time.

Plan Ahead

One of the first things you should do if you plan to have an outdoor wedding is to strategize. You should make it possible for your wedding guests to go inside and outside as they please. Hidden Creek has a lovely venue with an outdoor space and a beautiful rustic barn, so we can accommodate the weather. 

Fans and Parasols

There are many creative ways to make your guests feel comfortable. You can hand out parasols that will shelter them from the sun. Small paper fans can also do the trick and help them stay cool.

Of course, if you want to be more innovative, you can always print the menu on the paper fans, which will make everything even more exciting.

Frozen Desserts and Refreshment

The easiest way to make your guests comfortable is to offer cool refreshments. You can choose anything you want here. The safest option is ice cream, and it’s nice to have cold water bottles on hand as well.

Needless to say, ice is always an excellent option since it will keep the drinks cool and ensure that your guests can refresh themselves whenever they need to.

Drink Stations

Having a bar is fun, but you might want to set up a few drink stations as well. Your guests will need a lot of beverages, and they need to be cold. Ice-cold drinks are the best way to keep your guests comfortable and cool, and you can offer any type of drink.

Lemonade with fresh flowers is an excellent way to combine function and decor, and it’s a perfect way to freshen up while getting some energy-boosting vitamin C.


Even if your wedding day is outside, it doesn’t mean your guests need to sit in direct sunlight. A wedding tent is always an option in warm weather. It is a perfect mix of indoors and outdoors, and your guests will enjoy the shade while feeling the breeze.

You can also create covered lounge areas for people to cool down. Small pop-up tents are easy to find; you can put them up in no time, and your guests will adore them. The key here is to give your guests a few options. They can mingle indoors, rest in lounge areas, and enjoy the cocktail hour in the sun.

Pool Party

Another great way to cool down during summer is to jump in the pool. Naturally, we don’t expect you to spend your big day swimming, but a dip in the hotel pool or boating on Lake Ray Hubbard can cool you down after. 

 Of course, not everyone wants a pool party at their wedding, but it’s certainly a great cool-down idea for some.