How to Include Kids in Your Wedding

A lot of women start dreaming about their wedding when they’re still just little girls. Some go as far as planning it and making dream boards and scrapbooks. Their ideas are often pulled straight from a fairy tale, complete with a beautiful white dress and a handsome prince. While the plans for their perfect wedding can get quite elaborate, most young girls don’t think about including children. 


When the day comes and your prince charming pops the question sometimes it may not just be two lives that will be changing. Whether you and your fiancée already have kids, or just one of you does it can require some extra planning. 


Give Them a Job

One of the best ways to make a child feel important is to include them. The role you give them will probably be based on their age, but consider giving them a title if you can. The child in your life could be a flower girl, ring bearer, bridesmaid, groomsmen, or usher. Even the smallest role could make a child who’s nervous feel at ease. 



Even if your child doesn’t have a job you can coordinate colors. The dresses, ties, jewelry, and boutonnieres can all match. This is a cute and subtle way of showing that you’re all together and all one family. 



It’s standard protocol to make wedding vows to your partner. However, you can also make a vow to your child or step-child. Promise that you will always love them and take care of them. This is a great way of helping them understand you’re also committing to them, and not just their parent.  



A wedding can be stressful for kids, especially if their biological parents separated. You can give them an heirloom or any other token of affection to show that you see them as a part of your family. This is a sweet way to show them that they’re important and won’t be left out. 



Cake toppers typically sit atop a decadent multi-tiered cake and represent the couple. However, you can also choose to have it represent the family. You can personalize the cake topper to make it look like each individual in the family. You can either place the kids on top with you and your spouse or set them on different tiers. You can give each child their cake topper at the end of the ceremony as a fun keepsake. 



Let them help you plan the ceremony! Kids are creative and they might have some good suggestions that you would’ve otherwise overlooked. Older kids can be given a bit more responsibility. They might have good input about color schemes, goodie bags, and centerpieces. Not to mention cake tasting! Just about every kid would be willing to volunteer their time for that. They can also help you with some of the more menial tasks that are stressing you out. Most kids love to help, so let them lick the envelopes, fold programs, stuff goodie bags, and distract your mother-in-law. 


Don’t Force Them

These are some good ways to include kids in your wedding, whether or not they’re biologically yours. However, it’s important to remember that you’re including them; not forcing them. Some kids have strong feelings about their parents getting married and you should let them decide how much they’re comfortable with helping. 


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