How to Host an Enchanted Forest Wedding

Step into your own fairytale with a Hidden Creek wedding. Our ethereal venue is off the beaten path and offers a private escape for your wedding. Our venue is located on an acreage surrounded by shady groves and lush foliage in every direction. The event center is also near a babbling hidden creek that overlooks Lake Ray Hubbard in Heath, Texas. When you book the Hidden Creek wedding venue, you can be sure your wedding will be a magical affair.

Wedding Invitations

One of the first wedding planning tasks you’ll need to take care of is selecting wedding invitations, and deciding who to invite. Rest assured, our event center has ample room for up to 300 guests so it’s just a matter of deciding if you want a small private affair or an elaborate wedding with a lot of friends and family.

As far as invitations go, try to keep with the theme of your wedding. If you want an enchanting wedding, full of natural beauty make sure your wedding invitations reflect that. Invitations with watercolor elements, green and jewel tones, and components from nature like pressed flowers can be beautiful personalized options.

Wedding Attire

Your preferred wedding attire will largely depend on your personal style. You can plan a whimsical forest wedding while still incorporating a touch of your own style preferences. Whether you’re a chic fashionista, a rustic southern belle, or a free-spirited bohemian gal your wedding party’s wardrobe should reflect that. 

If you prefer more of a chic and traditional look, try out a stark-white ball gown to stand out against the deep woodsy tones all around you. If you have a young spirit and an eclectic style, spring for something more unusual. You can incorporate a vintage style, elaborate beadwork, and jewel tones into your wedding day look. This also gives your groom a chance to veer away from the classic black tuxedo and experiment with warm neutral tones and patterns. If you are a classic southern belle, then maybe a simple yet elegant lace gown is just what you need. Play around with different styles, cuts, and colors to discover what’s right for you. 

Natural Altar

Our venue has a wonderful walkway and a wooden wedding arch. You can decorate this area to your heart’s content and really lean into the enchanted forest wedding theme with just a bit of creativity. You can decorate the altar by layering chopped tree stumps, regaling the area with fairy lights, draping vibrant cloths along the arch, sprinkling flowers about, and just about a million other things! Use your imagination, and if it’s at all possible, we’ll help you make it happen. 

Wedding Decorations

The natural beauty provided by our location will take care of the bulk of this task. When you’re selecting decorations for an enchanted wedding, let the natural environment guide you. You can either stick with neutral or jewel tones, or go for a vibrant color to stand out against all of the green (especially in the spring!) You can also use different lighting to add to the ambiance of the environment. Candles and sparklers are great selections, as long as you follow our event venue’s safety guidelines. 

Floral arrangements and centerpieces will be an important part of decorating for this kind of wedding as well. Vibrant flowers are beautiful, but some other popular choices are Baby’s Breath, Texas Wildflowers, or an assortment of local foliage. 

There are so many places to find beautiful decorations. Ask us for a list of our preferred vendors when you book to start the planning process!

Hidden Creek Events

We are so excited that you’re considering Hidden Creek as a possible venue for your special day. Schedule a tour with us so we can show you all that we have to offer. While you’re visiting we can tell you all about our amenities, catering options, and the best vendors around. We look forward to meeting you, and helping you make your dreams a reality!