How to Get Your Guests Home Safely After a Wonderful Wedding

There are many pieces to figure out when planning a wedding, and a huge part of it is figuring out how to get your guests home safely. Some of your guests might be traveling from out of state and others are coming from all different places in the state. It’s important to ensure that they will be able to celebrate your big day safely and responsibly, without having to worry about how they are getting home or to their hotel. Hidden Creek has listed a couple of transportation options to look into, as well as why figuring out transportation is so important.



Drinking and driving is a definite no, especially after a wedding. If you are having an open bar, you may be liable if your guests get in some sort of car accident. If their car gets damaged or they damage someone else’s, or if there are any medical bills, you might get stuck dealing with them. And no newlywed wants to deal with additional expenses. That’s why Hidden Creek requires a licensed and insured TABC certified company to bartend the wedding, so they are responsible for those liabilities, not you.

To avoid any accident from happening in the first place, you should plan out a couple of transportation options for your guests.

Uber-Friendly Venue

When you are choosing a venue, make sure to ask if it is Uber-friendly. This means if Uber drivers are familiar with the area and provide services there often. Have your DJ remind your guests 30 minutes before the reception is over to order an Uber if they need one. This gives your guests enough time to get one.

Leaving Cars Overnight

Hidden Creek encourages people to leave their cars here overnight rather than choosing to drive. However, not all venues are open to this. When looking for the perfect venue, make sure to ask if the venue allows guests to do this. Some venues will have the cars towed, so you need to be clear on the rules before choosing your best option.

Shuttle Service

Shuttle service is another great form of transportation for your guests. Look into a shuttle or some sort of transportation system to and from hotels. This is perfect for guests coming from out of town. These shuttles can pick them up from the hotel, bring them to the venue, and then take your guests home safely to the hotel. 

Hidden Creek

All your guests will be able to enjoy the celebration without having to worry about how they will get back home, if they can drink or not, etc. Check out Uber, transportation companies, and local hotels, to get your guests home safely.  Let’s ensure that everyone has lots of fun at your wedding, without worrying about their drive home. If you would like to learn more about Hidden Creek or how we can assist your wedding planning, get in touch with us today!