How to Get Your Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Down the Aisle

Having a flower girl and ring bearer are cute additions to your wedding party. Watching your little cousins or siblings wobble their way down the aisle is precious. But how do you get them to walk down the aisle on their own? It can be a challenge, especially if they are very young and have never done it before. Hidden Creek has a couple of tips to help you get your flower girl and ring bearer down the aisle.

Have Them at the Rehearsal

It is very important to have the children attend the rehearsal. Children thrive on routine. Practice with them multiple times and show them exactly where they need to walk and where their parent or guardian will be. Allow them to take it all in by showing them around, so it’s not so much of a shock on the wedding day. 

Let Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Walk Together

If one or both of the children are very young, you can have them walk together down the aisle. That way, they can guide each other or the older one can coax the younger one. 

Parent Can Walk With Them Halfway

Another way to encourage the children to walk down the aisle is by having one of the parents accompany them halfway down the aisle. This is perfect at Hidden Creek because we have a long walkway. The first half of the aisle is surrounded by trees before you get to the turf. The parent can walk up to the turf and then have the other parent or guardian waiting up at the front coaxing the child to keep walking. That way, the parent isn’t in all of the pictures.

Bribe the Kid

We all know as parents that bribing kids always works. Just get a lollipop, bubbles, a doll, or anything that they like. Have someone tell the kid that their parent or guardian has a lollipop, etc. for them and then have the parent wave it at them at the end of the aisle. This works almost every time. The kids absolutely love it.

As a side note, if you are having a really young child be the ring bearer, don’t hand them the actual rings under any circumstances. They can drop and lose the rings in a split second. Instead, have the best man carry the rings and have the children just act as the symbol. In fact, we recommend the best man carries the rings in general. Things go more smoothly that way. 

Have Parents Practice With Children at Home

Repetition is key, as we mentioned before. Have the children’s parents practice with them at home. The flower girl can practice throwing small amounts of flower petals and wear the dress so she can feel comfortable in it. The ring bearer can practice holding the pillow and walking in a straight line.

Hidden Creek Is Here For You

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