How Catering Tastings Work at Hidden Creek

One of the main questions that Hidden Creek gets many emails about is how catering tastings work. We all know how important the food at our wedding is, so it’s an excellent question for us to address. Make sure to check out our YouTube video as well, to get a better understanding of how it works, and check out the rest of the channel to get more information about the wedding planning process.

Caterers On Our Packet

Whenever you toured Hidden Creek, you most likely received our packet that had our in-house catering and then at the back of the packet, we listed four other approved catering companies. If you want to schedule a tasting with the approved caterers, then you need to contact them directly and set up a time and date independently from us.

In-House Catering at Hidden Creek

If you are interested in our in-house catering, we definitely recommend doing a tasting with us. That’s how you will figure out if you want to do the beef tenderloin or the pork tenderloin, the pasta bar, etc. There’s nothing better than getting to taste the food before deciding on the perfect dish for your wedding.

Open Houses

We host two open houses every year. At these events, we have the food out in a buffet line, and you get to go through and taste a little bit of everything. We don’t have the full menu available at the open houses because our menu is huge. There’s just no way we can cook all of that food. Instead, we display one chicken dish, one beef, maybe some fajitas, tacos, the pasta station, or other types of dishes, so you can get a general taste of the food we make.

You can bring your family and friends along too, so they can also give you input on the food. At the open houses, we have all of the vendors for you to meet and greet, as well as the catering tastings.

Inclusive Catering Tasting Dates

We offer these events twice a year as well. They are exclusively catering tastings only. However, they feel much more inclusive because you get to meet the chefs, sit down, be a little more relaxed, taste the food, and talk to the chef and ask any questions or get concerns addressed.

Keep an eye out for these emails with the catering tasting dates. We don’t offer private catering tastings because we do over 150 events a year. There’s just not enough time to offer everyone the opportunity for a private tasting. 

That’s why we offer four events throughout the year, to give you the opportunity to taste our delicious menu and talk to other brides and brainstorm or trade notes about the wedding planning process.

A Taste of Bliss at Hidden Creek 

Make sure you are watching your emails because we are planning our next event! We offer a large selection of appetizers, buffets, and plates, and we love giving people the opportunity to sample our delicious food. If you haven’t scheduled an appointment to tour our venue, give us a call today or come to our next open house!