Hidden Creek’s In-House Catering Explained 

The food at your wedding is a very important element to figure out during the wedding planning process. Many people opt for in-house catering instead of outsourcing vendors. In this blog and video, we are here to answer all of your in-house catering questions. Hidden Creek’s in-house catering is very popular and we are here to explain the options that we offer to help your wedding planning go smoothly. You can download our menu under the in-house catering services page and follow along!

Budget-Conscious Appetizers

One of the first things you will notice is that we have several pages of hors d’oeuvres, which are super fun. However, if you are on a budget or are trying to be budget-conscious, take a look at the first page that says appetizers. 

For appetizers, we offer a fruit, cheese, and veggie station or a Tex-Mex chip and dip option for only $3 per guest. That is a steal! 

Are Appetizers Needed?

Some people have asked us if appetizers are really necessary. Although you don’t need to provide them, we highly recommend them. Your guests probably got to the venue 30 minutes before your ceremony started, the ceremony probably lasted around 30 minutes, so your guests have been there for about an hour, and then it is cocktail hour. It’s nice to have a little appetizer for them to snack on while they sip their cocktails. As newlyweds, you will most likely take pictures for about an hour and then there’s the grand entrance. So, it will be a while until dinner is served.

Hidden Creek’s Dinner Options

The Pasta Trio

If you are trying to please multiple types of people, the pasta trio is a popular route. It has chicken, beef and meatballs, and a vegetarian option. We also offer gluten-free pasta if anyone has allergies. The pasta trio is always a great go-to.

The Mashed Potato Bar Buffet

This dinner is an experience. The mashed potatoes come in a potini glass and the guests go through a line where they pick cheese, chicken, sour cream, chopped brisket, and all kinds of other things they can put on their mashed potatoes. The potini glass is big, and the guests can stuff it with whatever they want. So, this is a great amount of food!

Grilled Stuffed Chicken Breast

If you want a more traditional option, we have a lot of chicken options. This grilled chicken breast is stuffed with onions, cheese, spinach, and cheese, and topped with a chardonnay cream sauce. You can pick two sides with that as well.

Beef Tenderloin

If you want a more elegant dinner option, the beef tenderloin is a popular choice. There is a carving station and the guests get to see the meat sliced right in front of them. We also have delicious sauces that go with the meat too.

Mix N Match Options

Hidden Creek’s in-house catering offers the opportunity to mix n match as well. So, you can have the mashed potato bar buffet with the beef tenderloin dish. We can customize the menu for you and come up with a quote, so don’t feel like you are trapped!

Taste Before Booking at Hidden Creek

If you want to taste some of these food options before picking the right one, Hidden Creek has some open houses throughout the year. We send email invitations and you need to RSVP for them! If you would like to learn more about Hidden Creek’s in-house catering options or find out when our next open house is, give us a call or send us a message today!