Creative Ways the Groom and His Groomsmen Can Stay Entertained While They Wait 

Hidden Creek’s New Putting Green 

It is a known fact that the bride and her bridesmaids will take a couple of hours to get ready for the big day. There is makeup and hair to perfect. Hidden Creek has a couple of ways to entertain the groom and his groomsmen as they wait for the ceremony, as well as additional ideas to consider. We have installed a new putting green that we are excited to show off!

Hidden Creek’s New Putting Green

A game of golf is a good way to calm the groom’s nerves and entertain his groomsmen. Hidden Creek has installed a new putting green right outside of the groom’s room. We also have cornhole boards for the men to play with while they wait for the bride and bridesmaids. It’s a perfect area to enjoy a beer, go putting, and hang out while getting some fresh air. 

Cocktail Hour Outdoors

We have caps that we can put over the holes and have cocktail hour on the putting green. We can put tall cocktail tables out here, or use our portable bar, or you can hire DFW Bartending or Bubbles and Brews Dallas.

Hidden Creek’s Groom’s Room

Our cozy groom’s room is another fun place to hang out before the wedding ceremony. We have a gaming system and couch for the boys to get some friendly competition in. 

Additional Activity Ideas for the Groom and Groomsmen

Hit the Barbershop

The groom and groomsmen need to look as sharp as the bride and bridesmaids. Therefore, why not hit the barbershop to get your beards, locks, and mustaches groomed to perfection? Reserve a time slot for the men to get pampered before the ceremony. 

Grab a Bite

Nerves appear in all kinds of ways and maybe you need some food to calm you down.  Go eat at your favorite restaurant or order some takeout while you play some video games in the groom’s room. You’re going to want to eat before you get dressed.

Groomsmen Photoshoot

Since the whole squad is looking sharp, why not take advantage of that and have a mini photoshoot before the ceremony? You can take advantage of Hidden Creek’s beautiful venue and scenery. Get the men dressed early and pick a theme or a couple of themes for the pictures. Get as silly as you’d like. This is how you create memories that will last a lifetime!

Give Groomsmen a Gift

It’s pretty common for the groom to give out gifts to his groomsmen. Whether that’s silly socks or ties, it’s the thought that counts.

Start Your Happily Ever After at Hidden Creek 

There are many wedding venues in North Texas, but Hidden Creek stands out from the rest for many reasons. We want to make the entire experience fun and memorable, which is why we invest in ways to entertain the groom and groomsmen while they patiently wait for the ceremony. To learn more about the services and options that Hidden Creek offers, give us a call today!