Creating The Perfect Dreamy Staircase

Like many wedding venues, Hidden Creek features a built-in staircase here on the property. Though the staircase itself can be beautiful, you have many different options in your decoration choices to create a dreamy staircase. When it comes to creating the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos, a staircase built right into the venue- such as the one right here at Hidden Creek- can be an easy and effective way to achieve a seemingly effortless statement piece. 

Weddings tend to be pretty big ordeals: how can you make yours look perfect without putting too much extra stress on you or your decorators? If you decide to decorate the staircase, what exactly should you do? Hidden Creek has some ideas for you.

Add Some Greenery

An easy way to achieve anything from an elegant look to something a little more rustic, flowers and vines are the perfect addition to any staircase. No matter which look you’re going for, greenery can help make a huge difference in any setting. Whether the venue features a staircase with sleek white marble or polished wood, the green color is sure to pop. Besides adding color, greenery also adds dimension.


Candles make a tremendous impact on any surface, especially if your wedding venue has low lighting or the wedding takes place after sundown. You can easily mix them in with any greenery or fabric you want on the already dreamy staircase to enhance the look. The soft glow of the small lights will flicker and highlight different levels of the staircase and any other decorations you’ve added.

However, we would encourage you to consider using candles with LED lights instead of real flames to lower any chances of anything catching fire. If you plan to walk down the staircase during the grand entry of your reception, you don’t want to take any chance of your dress touching the flames- especially if you have a dress with a large skirt that is likely to brush against the sides of the staircase.

Wine Barrels 

Here at Hidden Creek, we have several wine barrels that we can provide to enhance your ceremony or reception. To make things easy, we can even grab any floral decorations you might have on the barrels down at your ceremony, and move them to the barrels at the reception. This will provide added embellishment to your reception without the need to pay for duplicate decorations. 


Draping adds a delicate and elegant touch to the background of any room. If you opt for the draping over the barn area, your staircase draping will match in both areas. Another fun tip: mixing some greenery in with the draping will create a dreamy and elegant look with almost no effort from you. 

Leave Your Dreamy Staircase Bare

Of course, it’s important to acknowledge that the built-in beauty of the staircase doesn’t always need to be decorated! The wrought iron design of the banisters provides a beautiful and elegant detail to the backdrop, and some brides feel like that is more than enough for the background of their wedding.

Contact Hidden Creek For The Wedding You Deserve

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