Covid-19 Update

As you may know, Governor Abbott held a press conference yesterday where weddings and venues were specifically mentioned. The following statement has been released;

“Per the Governor’s announcement, wedding venues and services required to conduct weddings may immediately open. Weddings held indoors other than at a church, congregation, or house of worship must limit occupancy to 25%. Wedding reception services may also resume, but facilities must limit their occupancy to 25% of the total listed occupancy. These occupancy limits do not apply to the outdoor areas of a wedding reception or to outdoor wedding receptions.”

What This Means for Hidden Creek?

–       The tour policies we set into place in our previous update will still be in effect.

–       We will be able to start hosting ceremonies and receptions with a limited guest count of 130 people.  

–       Weddings will strictly follow a 130-person guest count. This includes the Bride, Groom and all guests.

–       Vendors do not count toward the 130-person guest count.

–       If more than 130 guests are counted in the venue at any time the event host will need to ask the appropriate number of guests to leave.

–       Ceremony chairs will be placed into wide-spaced rows.

–       A limit of 6 people per table is required by mandate.

–       Clients are encouraged to do a seating chart placing members of the same household at a table together.

–       High-risk individuals are encouraged to stay home and participate via facetime or video.

–       Clients are encouraged to provide hand sanitizer stations and masks for their guests. (let us know if you need help with this)

–       We do not have information about when the governor will update/ change the occupancy % allowed in attendance but will update as soon as he does.

Please understand these rules and regulations are mandated by the government and not something Hidden Creek can change or alter. We are excited to host weddings again and cannot wait to be a part of your big day!

For your convenience, here‘s our calendar.