Biggest Challenge Brett, Our Event Manager, Faced During Her Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is a very stressful time. There are many decisions that need to be made and services that need to be scheduled. It’s no surprise that some factors might slip your mind, such as breaking in your wedding shoes. Brett Welch, Hidden Creek’s event manager, will relate her biggest challenge during her wedding planning, as well as how to overcome the obstacles you may face during this journey.

Finding Available Vendors…That She Loved

Brett’s biggest challenge was finding vendors that she loved that were also available on her wedding day. Let’s give her a little back story. She got engaged in January and started looking for a venue in February. She booked her venue for October of that same year. Therefore, they only had eight months to plan the entire wedding. This is a short time frame. These months went by very quickly and Brett felt a little stressed during these busy times. 

October is a very popular month for weddings in Texas. That made finding vendors even harder. Additionally, Brett took her time looking for vendors. She believed she had a lot of time to research these vendors, so she didn’t book them right away. Instead, she searched for them online and went to open houses, and by the time she found vendors she loved, they were all booked. However, her biggest challenge now allows her to help people avoid the same mistakes she made.

Tips to Help Avoid These Wedding Planning Obstacles

The fall season is very popular for weddings in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It is a time that isn’t too hot, and when the weather isn’t much of a threat. If your wedding is planned for those months, make sure you pick your vendors way ahead of time. Even if your wedding is planned for a different time of the year, make sure you book your vendors as early as possible.

It’s really hard to move on to a different vendor when you have already fallen in love with one. For Brett, the vendor she was most upset about not getting her first pick was the hair and makeup vendor. She had gone to three different vendors until she found one that could create her vision. However, when she told them her date, they were not available for it.

Ask for Availability First

So, the first thing you should do before you sample or do a trial with a vendor is to ask them for the dates of availability. If they aren’t free on your wedding day, don’t waste your time or fall in love with their services. 

Prioritize Vendors

Some vendors might say you don’t need to book them until 3 to 4 months before the wedding. However, it is okay to book them even earlier, especially if it’s a vendor you really love. Make a list of the vendors that are a priority to you, and book them right away.

The Magic Begins with Hidden Creek

The main priority during the wedding planning process is booking your venue. Be sure to check out Hidden Creek. We are a beautiful venue nestled between luscious greens. We offer the comfort and privacy that you deserve on your special night.