Best Podcasts to Help Plan Your 2021 Wedding

It can be hard to find time to plan your wedding while trying to keep up with all of your other responsibilities. The stress continues to build when you don’t even know where to start looking, or you’re not sure what you don’t know. Podcasts can be a fun and simple way to get some foundational information and start planning your perfect wedding day. You can learn how to make a budget, select floral arrangements, and where to find your bridesmaid’s dresses all on your commute to work. We’ve compiled a list of popular wedding planning podcasts to help you get started. 

Almost to the Aisle

This is a Dallas-Fort Worth-based wedding planning podcast hosted by the owner of Hitched Events, a local wedding planning company. The owner, Kimberly Rhodes hosts the podcasts and shares her extensive knowledge of the wedding planning process.  She is joined by one of four other local wedding planners to take a deep dive into the wedding planning process. They cover topics from vision boarding on Pinterest to formulating a backup plan if something (god forbid) goes wrong at your wedding. This podcast is useful to brides because these industry professionals have years of combined experience, and are sharing it in a fun podcast you can listen to on your way to work. 


The Bouquet Toss

This freshly launched wedding planning podcast advises listeners on how to host the wedding of their dreams while keeping a budget. They have honest discussions about weddings, and where you can pare back to save money. They still know how important this day is though, so they’ll help you find ways to have a beautiful wedding that feels authentic to you and your future spouse. This podcast is hosted by Jessica Bishop, the founder of, and Real Weddings editor Sari Weinerman. Brides who are planning their weddings are drawn to this podcast because the show is informative, entertaining, and authentic. 



The Bridechilla podcast is hosted by Aleisha McCormack, and she’s dedicated to helping you plan the wedding you actually want. She helps you step away from the bridezilla stereotype by breaking down stress-reduction tactics and offering advice about logistics. She’s the virtual bridesmaid every bride needs to get through her big day without any mishaps. She offers wedding planning tips, and also has a series of Q&As, which means she may have already answered your questions at some point. Listeners love the humorous way Aleisha calms their wedding planning jitters with a dose of humor and on-point advice. 


Inclusively Yours

This podcast is perfect for couples who don’t identify as the traditional bride and groom. This podcast is designed for LGBTQ+ couples seeking wedding planning advice. Brittny Drye launched this podcast in 2013 to fill an information gap, left by an industry that caters to heterosexual couples. Podcasts cover topics like wedding stories, budget tips, and proposal ideas. 


Woman Getting Married

This podcast is great because it’s run by a husband and wife team, so you get two perspectives! Each Thursday, Lindsay Jones, the founder of sits down with her husband Cory to answer your wedding planning questions. In the past, they’ve given advice about creating guest lists, making budgets and registries, destination weddings, and floral arrangements. This is a fun podcast with lots of banter to keep you entertained while you nail down your wedding plans. 


Hidden Creek Events

These podcasts are a great way to get started on your wedding planning process. When you’re ready to take the next step, our outstanding wedding coordinator will help you book the beautiful Hidden Creek venue for your special day. Our venue is nestled in a charming wooded area, where you can hold a gorgeous outdoor ceremony, before finishing up your magical night dancing in our indoor barn-style ballroom. With Hidden Creek, you can let go of some of the wedding planning stress. Our wedding coordinator will create an itinerary, finalize vendors, help with decorations, and every other minute detail. Contact Hidden Creek today, to start planning the first day of your happily ever after.