Ask These 3 Questions Before Booking Your Wedding Venue

There are probably a million questions that come to mind when planning out your dream wedding and finding your wedding venue. From the type of hair due and makeup to the hotels that need to be booked for your guests, there are hundreds of decisions to make and options to investigate. With that said, there are probably a few important questions that may get overlooked during this entire process. Hidden Creek has listed 3 questions that you should ask before booking your wedding venue.

What Is Your Candle and Sparkler Policy?

There are so many beautiful wedding photos and videos that include wedding guests and the newlyweds dancing sparklers in the night sky. There are also great theme ideas that include having candles light up all the tables and venue space outdoors. However, some venues do not allow you to use any real candles or sparklers. Make sure you ask ahead of time, so you can plan accordingly. Although this shouldn’t be the deciding factor, if it’s important to you, make sure you ask this question when finding the perfect venue.

Can You Leave Cars Overnight?

After a night of drinking and dancing, your guests are better off if they uber or take a bus to their hotel. You don’t want any of them to drink and drive. The best option is for your guests to leave their cars at the venue parking lot overnight. Make sure you ask the wedding venue if your guests are allowed to do that. You don’t want anyone to get their car towed because they did the right thing and called an Uber.

You want to make sure that Uber comes to the venue as well, so your guests have a safe transportation option in place.

Do You Have Someone on Property During the Entire Wedding and What Do They Do?

Due to the number of things that need to be planned out for a wedding, there are many roles people take. You will pair up with a handful of people when preparing for your wedding, and you may get some of their roles confused. It’s important to understand what every person will bring to the table, so you can ensure that everything is covered. 

The venue person and the wedding coordinator are two completely different roles. The venue person does not line up the wedding party or cue the DJ with the special songs, etc. That’s not their role, that’s what a wedding coordinator does. The venue person is there to ensure that no lights go out, that the toilets are functioning properly, that the ice machine works, and so on. They help make the night go as smoothly as possible, but in a different way than a wedding coordinator does.

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