5 Wedding Dessert Table Ideas That Will Sweeten Up Your Guests

Nothing is sweeter than enjoying delicious and breathtaking desserts at Hidden Creek while watching two lovebirds dance their night away. If there’s one place you can be sure your guests will gravitate to, it’s the dessert table (apart from an open bar of course). Have your dessert table be unique to you and your partner’s personality. We can create desserts or recommend local bakers that can recreate your favorite childhood flavors or any other cravings that you may have. Paired with our beautiful event venue, it’s sure to be a sweet event.

Country Pies

If your perfect wedding is rustic and welcoming, we’ll create a dessert table that reflects this delightful aura. We can offer pies and warm desserts that your family will love. All traditional flavors are on the table– apple, blueberry, cranberry pies, and more! Churros and peach cobblers are also flavorful options. Your guests’ eyes will light up. We’ll display the treats inside wooden boxes or on wooden platters. Nothing is cozier than that.


Doughnuts Go Nuts

You can never have too many doughnuts. Imagine a giant wooden doughnut wall. If you want to emphasize rustic charm, envision tree trunks as platters and doughnuts stacked up into a giant sugary tower. We can include all your favorite flavors and when you think there are enough doughnuts, we’ll add a little more. A cute display of nuts in glass jars or nutty Biscottis will complete the theme perfectly.


Green & Natural

Surprise your guests with healthy and vegan delights. Imagine the base of the dessert table covered with plants and leaves and vases with luscious flowers. Now imagine fruit platters, including pineapple cut into delicate yellow flowers and watermelon cut into a rose, ready to refresh and be scooped up by the guests. You can even have vegan cookies and cupcakes formed into mushrooms using frosting.


Milk and Cookies


If you want to transport your guests back to their childhood, milk and cookies are the way to go. You can offer a wide variety of cookies inside stylish jars. Label them and make them easily accessible. The guests will go nuts for this simple crowd favorite. The servers can bring out a fresh glass of milk when the time is ready, or even offer warm milk to accompany the warm cookies.


The Chocolate Fountain

Everyone knows a chocolate fanatic. It’s a sweet that even the most disciplined of people can’t resist. Imagine this– a rich chocolate fountain at the center of the dessert table, surrounded by all sorts of refreshing fruit and sweets ready to be made sweeter. You can place freshly peeled bananas in bowls, apple slices, and strawberries next to the wooden sticks so guests can easily dip the treats. If guests don’t want to get their hands little dirty, chocolate-covered strawberries are a great alternative. Don’t forget the marshmallows, graham crackers, Rice Krispies, and pretzels to complete the flavor experience. 

Hidden Creek Events

We are thrilled that you’re considering Hidden Creek as your dream wedding destination. Whatever the dessert table may be, our venue will make it sweeter. We offer exceptional catering and will take care of all the little details for that dream dessert table. Our goal is to have you relax and enjoy your beautiful day, while we provide the service and enticing treats that will have your guests craving more. Schedule a tour with us, so we can show you all that we have to offer. We are excited to make your dreams a reality and your special day even sweeter!