5 Tips On How to Not Drive Your Wedding Coordinator Crazy

Having a wedding coordinator is great. They take care of all the details on your big day. Just like they will make your wedding day a smooth one, it’s important to make their planning go smoothly too. Here are 5 things that drive wedding coordinators crazy, and that you should avoid doing.

Leaving Stickers on Decor

If you are buying the decorations instead of renting them, make sure you take the stickers off of the decor before dropping them off at the venue. When your wedding coordinator and crew are decorating the venue, they have about four hours to decorate and a lot of things to check off of the list. If the stickers are left on the decor, they spend a lot of time taking these stickers off, which wastes time they could’ve spent decorating. Sometimes, the decorations are rushed because they run out of time. So make sure you take the stickers off for the best productivity and use of their time.

Hiring Bad Vendors

Hidden Creek has a preferred vendors list, as do many wedding venues. We highly encourage you to check out these lists when hiring vendors. They are trusted and reputable vendors, and who can you trust more than a source that deals with vendors for a living? Sometimes picking vendors that save you a couple of bucks is not the way to go. If you don’t see some of the vendors you want on our list, ask us about them. Chances are we have worked with them in the past and we will be honest and upfront about our experience working with them.

When you hire bad vendors, your wedding coordinator has to pick up the slack and it makes things a bit harder for them to manage. And if something goes wrong, the wedding coordinator will feel bad even though it wasn’t their fault.

Not Communicating With Your Wedding Coordinator

Make sure you communicate with your wedding coordinator if you are adding something, taking something away, or changing the order of something on your wedding day. Even though you communicate with your vendors about it, make sure you tell your coordinator too, so we can ensure that everything flows smoothly on your wedding day. 

Not Telling Your Family About End of the Night Expectations

If you are having certain family members bust the tables at the end of the night because the vendors won’t stay that late, or if you are having them take the gifts home or leftover cake, make sure you communicate that to them. Don’t make the wedding coordinator break the news to them on that night. Your wedding coordinator doesn’t want to be the bad guy telling your family they have an hour of cleanup to do after the reception.

Not Being Given a Decor Set Up List

If your wedding coordinator and crew are going to be the ones setting up the decor, make sure you label where you want the items to go or create a word document that you send way before the wedding. That way, we can ask questions if things are unclear and we can come up with a plan for setting everything up before the actual wedding date. If you don’t have a specific spot in mind for each decoration, still let us know so we know we have the liberty to choose where the decorations will go.

Check Out Hidden Creek

If you haven’t chosen a venue yet, make sure you schedule a viewing with Hidden Creek. Our location, our wedding coordinator, and our vendor suggestions are one of a kind.