5 Creative Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

You just said “yes” to the man of your dreams, and now it’s time to pop the big question to your bridesmaids. These ladies have been with you through thick and thin, and you’ve created unforgettable memories with them. Now, you are ready to ask them to play an important role in your wedding. You just have to figure out how. They mean the world to you, and you want to make sure they know the MVP status they hold in your life. There are short and touching ways of asking the question, as well as elaborate and vogue ideas too. Whether it’s an individual proposal or a get-together with all of the besties, we will help you ensure that they feel special.

Solve the Puzzle Mystery

Growing up, you probably spent some time playing board games and piecing together puzzles with your girlfriends. If you want to take the nostalgic, sentimental route, this is a perfect opportunity. Send each bridesmaid a jigsaw puzzle with a photo of the two of you, and the big question spelled out. 

Personalize a Wine Bottle

Ask the “life of the party” to stand by your side on the altar with a customized bottle of wine. Not only is the bottle a beautiful gift to display forever, but what’s stored inside is just as wonderful. To personalize the gift, buy each bridesmaid their favorite wine. Write a corky message to each of them, about a special or hilarious moment you shared. You can even specify to save the bottle for a wine night, and you and all your bridesmaids can live it up together.

Fortune Cookies and Chinese Food 

If you want to completely surprise your bridesmaids, invite them over for a casual movie and Chinese take-out. They will not be expecting the proposal inside of their fortune cookies! It’s simple to prepare too, just order customized cookies online. These fortune cookies will help guarantee their attendance, for it’s already predicted in their future!

Private Dance Session

Do you and your girlfriends love to dance? Why not take them out to do something they love while proposing the heartfelt question? You can book a private lesson, and once it’s over, you can let them know that this will prepare them for all the dancing they will do as your bridesmaids at your wedding.  

“Matching Diamonds for 6”

If you want to make the bridesmaid proposal extremely fashionable, take advice from the famous singer, Ariana Grande. Bling out your best friends with a brunch that highlights the true “gems” in your life. You can create your own Breakfast at Tiffany’s in your backyard! Wrap delicious finger foods in jewelry boxes and decorate with a bright color scheme. Gift your bridesmaids a piece of jewelry as you propose to them.


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