4 Questions You Should Ask Before You Book a Vendor

The wedding planning process is long, but it’s a beautiful journey. Hidden Creek will guide you through the steps, to relieve as much stress as possible. Choosing a vendor is a big step in the process, and we have some great advice to ensure that you choose the right vendors. When you are interviewing them, whether emailing them or meeting them in person, there are certain questions you need to make sure you ask.

Hidden Creek is here to run you through the questions that no one else tells you to ask. We aren’t talking about the basic questions of asking if they are available on your wedding day or what the price is. Instead, these questions will help you understand the vendors’ experiences and their reliability.

How Long Has Your Business Been Open?

If one vendor tells you that they have been in business for twelve years, and the other vendor tells you they have been open for two months, but they are charging you the same price, something is not adding up. Newer vendors should start off at a lower price to gain experience, and then over time once they develop those skills, invest in their equipment, and invest in themselves, then their prices increase.

So, just asking this simple question will let you know a lot about the vendors and help you make informed decisions.

How Many Weddings Have You Done?

This circles back to question number one. If a vendor has been in business for 4 years but they have only done a wedding per year, but another vendor that has been in business for 4 weeks has done a wedding each week, then both vendors are on the same level. Asking this question helps you paint a better picture of your vendor options and figure out how much experience they have. Experience is invaluable and is an important aspect of choosing a vendor.

Do You Have Insurance?

Ask your vendors if they have insurance. For example, if the vendor breaks their camera, are they going to try and sue you for it? If your DJ sets off a sparkler or fog machine and it damages the floor of the venue, do you want to be liable for that? No! When a vendor has insurance, these mistakes are covered by the insurance company. That means that you won’t be liable for any of these accidents, which will relieve a lot of stress.

What Happens If You Get Sick Right Before My Wedding?

Due to COVID-19, this has been a more prevalent question during the wedding planning process. Many people choose to hire independent contractors instead of companies, but what happens if the vendor gets sick or has a family emergency? Do they have backups? Any good vendor will tell you that they have connections and a replacement in case they can’t make it to the wedding. If they don’t have a plan B… run! This shouldn’t become a problem that you have to worry about right before your wedding.

Hidden Creek Has Your Back

Make sure you ask these four important questions before choosing your vendors. This will take away a lot of stress and reassure you about their experience. Check out our YouTube channel to learn more tips about the wedding planning process, and come check out our beautiful venue!