3 Wedding Horror Stories to Die For

Are you stressed about your wedding planning? It’s time to step aside from it all and have a good laugh. Hidden Creek has seen all kinds of things go wrong and heard too many ideas that needed some taming. We have outlined some of them here, so you don’t make the same mistakes. Sit tight and learn from these wedding horror storiesmemories you don’t want to make on your wedding day. 

The Real Life Tarzan

This first tale would have become a wedding horror story if we hadn’t talked some senses into the groom. You see, this brave gentleman wanted to make a grand entrance. No carriage riding, favorite playlist rolling, or on a horse kind of entrance. He wanted to swing down the staircase on a rope…just like Tarzan! Luckily, he consulted with us the day before the wedding, and we talked him out of it. His plan was to attach the rope to one of the beams in the ceiling and swing down from the top of the staircase onto the first floor.

Although his intentions were to give his wife a big surprise, he would’ve had a bigger one himself when he realized how long the drop is from the second floor to the first. Not to mention our floor is made of concrete. But that is a horror story we got to avoid. Sometimes, you just need to rope those guys in a little bit; their imagination can get pretty wild at times.

Pregaming Before Saying “I Do”

Unfortunately, this next horror story caused chills at the aisle. By a rule of thumb, a bride takes much longer to get ready for the big ceremony than the groom. Therefore, she should get started at least two to three hours beforehand. However, the groom does not require this much time. 

One of the earliest weddings at Hidden Creek was one that made history. But not in a good way. The bride and groom arrived at the venue at the same time. While the bride got her hair and makeup done, the groom and the groomsmen needed to kill time. So…they had a lot to drink. When it came time for the ceremony, the groom could barely walk down the aisle. We tried to sober him up with coffee, and the ceremony was postponed 30 minutes. He eventually made it to the altar and seemed alright. As the bride was walking down the aisle, his head turned to the side and oh no. He began to throw up. Well, you can imagine that’s not the reaction she was dreaming about.

Therefore, we recommend that the bride and groom don’t arrive at the same time. And if you do, please don’t pregame that hard before saying “I do.” 

Cake First, Food Last

The last wedding horror story has to do with starvation. Well, sort of. The ceremony went great, and it was well into the reception. Eventually, someone questioned where the caterer was. People were hungry, but the food wasn’t in sight. It turns out that no one had called the caterer to confirm the details, and they had the time of the event scheduled incorrectly. The worst part was that the wedding took place on a Sunday. The reception was to be over at 7 pm, but the caterers didn’t show up until 6:30 pm. To tame the hunger, cake was served first. When the food finally showed up, everyone rushed through their dinner and was out of the venue in half an hour.

We highly recommend hiring a wedding coordinator, even if it’s just for that day. They will make sure that all the details are correct and confirm that the vendors are on the same page.

Begin Your Fairy Tale–Horror Free– with Hidden Creek

If you are still looking for the perfect venue, you don’t need to look any further. Hidden Creek is comfortably nestled between enchanting woodlands. Our team can assist you in your wedding planning, to take some of the stress away. We work with trusted vendors and wedding coordinators that past couples were truly satisfied with. Give us a call to schedule a tour or to learn more about our wedding services. Let’s make your dreams come true together.